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Spectralink DECT Base Station

Previously known as KIRK Base Station

Controls the traffic in the air and works as a link between the handset and server

The Spectralink DECT Base Station controls the traffic channels in the air and works as the link between the Spectralink 7000 Portfolio handsets and the Spectralink DECT Server 2500 or 8000.

The Spectralink DECT Server operates the Spectralink DECT Base Stations through a wired standard twisted pair of cables. Only one pair is required per base station and the cable length may be up to 6.562 ft. (2.000 m)

Each Spectralink DECT Base Station covers a circular area of between 65 and 1.968 ft. (20 to 600 m). The size of the coverage area depends on location specifics such as building materials. Before installation, each location needs to be assessed to define the number of base stations required to achieve desired coverage.

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