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Terms and Conditions

• Free landline to mobile calls refers to calls made from Daisy landlines to Daisy mobile

   numbers within the same customer account

• All free minutes will end when customer gives notice of termination, contract expiry

   or numbers are ported or migrated away from Daisy

• Free calls must not exceed a 60 minute duration. Calls exceeding 60 minutes will be

   charged, in whole, at your standard tariff. To avoid these charges calls should be

   disconnected before 60 minutes

• Calls must be UK Geographic and UK Mobile calls only, and must originate in the UK.

   Roamed calls are excluded from this offer

• The total number of minutes from your landline(s) to your own mobile number(s)

   cannot exceed 30% of the overall landline traffic in each calendar month

• Parallel will be enabled on each number within 30 days of activation